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Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Hair Care Products

I have had ombred hair for a few months and at first my hair was life straw and i really needed some products to help my hair become alot more hydrated and just look alot healthier.
I tried alot of products and although my hair isn't completly healthy again, it is alot better than before and i can only think that these products have helped my hair.

Hair masks-
Red tub- Herbal Essences, beautiful ends, Split end protection mask
Really helps to make the ends of your hair feel alot better, no product will magically fix your split ends, but it definitly helps them and protects your hair from getting anymore. Althought it helps you from getting anymore, you obviously need to do other things in order for it to work properly.
Blue tub- Herbal Essences, hello hydration, Deep nourishing intensive mask
Hydrates your hair and works even better if you use the 'Hello Hydration' shampoo and conditioner.
Yellow bottle- L'oreal expert, absolut repair
I found this in a cupboard at home and was scared because the bottle is in french(the front of it anyway) but used it anyway and it has helped my hair so much, it makes my hair feel so nourished and just alot healthier.

Hair protection-
John Frieda, Heat Defeat, Protective styling spray
I have recently started using this and it is an amazing heat defence spray. Before this one. i used the V05 heat protect styling spray (which is also just as good)
DEFINITLY use a heat defence spray whenever using heat, weather it be alot of heat or not that much.

Hair styling-
V05, give me texture, tousled style spray
I would most definitly recomend this to anyone with curly hair, or even wavy-straight hair.
I think this works the same as a salt spray in the sense it gives your hair a little more of a messy, wavy look at the ends.
I spray this product into my hands, rub my hands together and scrunch the ends of my hair. It keeps my hair from going puffy all day and keeps the curls/waves in through out the day too.

Ombred hair shampoo-
John Frieda, Sheer Blonde, everlasting blonde colour preserving shampoo
Based on my friends with blonde hair using John Frieda products that lighten your hair and/or keep your hair colour as blonde as possible, i was scared to use this product because there hair got extremly damaged from using bottles and bottles of lightening spray. However, i use this on the tips of my hair (two/three times a week) after applying a normal shampoo all over my hair and i think has helped my hair to keep it's colour.


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