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Sunday, 29 September 2013

MUA Products: Review

When i first got into make up properly a few months ago, i decided i wanted to start to build up my collection and did so by buying MUA products.
MUA do cheap but amazing products and are definitly the products to start off your collection with.

I only have three lipsticks at the moment but am going to buy more very soon. They are only £1 each which is so good you think 'They can't be that good' but they are amazing. They are so creamy, moisturising and depending on what colour you get, they are extremly pigmented. *from top to bottom* Shade 3, Shade 7 and Shade 2.
Shade 3 is a bright pink colour, this picture does the colours no justice but it is extremly pigmentaed and an amazing colour.
Shade 7 is by far my favourite because it is a nude-ish pink colour. In this picture however, it comes out an orange colour but it isn't orange at all.
Shade 2 is a deep but bright purple colour. It's a lovely colour and again highly pigmented.

I have two blushers from MUA. One being a cream blush and the other just a powdered blush. Both are very pigmented again and they have lovely colours.
My cream blush is in the colour 'Scrummy' and my powdered blush is in the colour 'Bon Bon'
I think they were only around £2 each but possibly less.

This was the first stick concealer i purchased and was excited to try is because all the other products had been such a delight to use. However, i was disapointed, i used this once and just didn't cover my blemish or spot (I can't remember what i used it for at the time) There is nothing to say that this won't work for you and considering it's cheap, it's good because all the other products where amazing, but you are bound to get a products that doesn't meet up to the other products high expectations. I wouldn't suggest getting this if you have dry skin because it didn't help me in that aspect, i found that my skin felt farely dry after using on the area i needed it for.

Nail Varnish: *please excuse the terrible quality*
*From left to right* Koala Bear, Postachio Ice Cream, All Nude, Lush Lilac, Ameretto Crush, Natural Days
These nail varnishes are amazing to say the least. They are £1 each and also whenever i buy any MUA products they are 3 for 2 which is amazing. Because of that offer, i could never resist getting a nail varnish- or three- so i havve accuired these so far. My favourite being Postachio Ice cream, it is a greeny blue colour (a mint green but slightly darker). Although small pots, they are amazing, i haven't run out of a single one yet and usually paint my naisl very often using these.
The only downside to them is that in Superdrug there are only ever a few colours and not usually ones i like the look off or need but other than that, they are AMAZING!
                   Have you tried any MUA products?If so, have you liked them as much as i have?


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