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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Oooooo second post of the day (Elizabeth Arden Lipstick)

So I've decided to do a second post today because i won't be able to post until friday because I'm at my nans.

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now because i got the product a week or so ago from my Aunty. She recently moved house, found loads of make up she no longer needed/used or has ever used before and gave it to me to go through and pick out what i wanted...i found this beauty.
(Excuse the rubbish lighting, i was comfertable at my desk and decided moving to my white wall, although would make the lighting better, wouldn't make the picture a better quality because i shake when taking pictures)

I think this lipstick has been discontinued because when searching how much it was, i couldn't find this shade and the packaging has changed so i believe you can't get it from anywhere which is a shame because it's amazing.

It's in the shade 06 Sugar, this picture makes it come out alot pinker than it actually is so again i apoligise for the rubbish picture.

It's an amazing pinky/purple colour and is amazingly pigmented. It's long lasting and can only assume the rest of Elizabeths Arden's lipstick are just as delightful.
It's really moisturising and is just a pleasure to have on my lips if i'm quite honest ahaha. I really am in love with this lipstick and adds that bit of colour to some of my outfits i wear to parties because i usually wear black or white.

Do you have an Elizabeth Arden lipstick? If so then what colour and what do you think about it?


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