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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Barry M, Matte Nail Varnish (Vanilla)

I love Barry M nail varnishes and this product is no exception. My friends got the Matte Black nail varnish and i loved it so much i went in to get my own.

I decided i wanted to get my nails done for a party this Thursday but wanted them painted matte white but they didn't have matte white in the 'matte' range at the Barry M counter in boots( I would usually go to superdrug but annoyingly there isnt one in Oxford Street unless you go to a small one in the station which i couldn't really be bothered to do) so decided to get the 'vanilla' one instead.

When in boots i noticed several matte colours i liked the look off but just decided to get the one. I will be going back to get more because the finish is really lovely and dries quickly,which is perfect for me because i'm the most impatient person ever.

Have you brought any matte nail varnishes? What's your favourite Barry M nail varnish colour?


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