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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Rimmel, Wake Me Up Foundation

*Please excuse my incredibly terrible blog layout, theme and banner, i will be changing it all soon but i've given up at the moment because my laptop and blogger is just not co-operating*

I think pretty much everyone has heard of this foundation, so i'm sorry for reviewing something you have probably seen and or tested for yourself.
'Anti-Fatigue effect and radiant glow' This product basically gives you a dewy glow and ensures you look alot less tired than you actually are. Although put off by tthe bright orange lid (because i felt like it'd make me orange) and the fact it looked extremly dark in the bottle, i decided to go for it and buy it considering i needed a new foundation and didn't have enough on me for the Bourjouis Serum.

I found that this product has been working well so far although i feel rather cakey and orange and just more aware that i'm actually wearing foundation. I usually wear a bb cream by witch or i'll use the Stay Matte foundation, which both seem to come off throughout the day which is probably why i could really feel the difference when wearing this because it felt like i was actually wearing make up for once.

Thinking about it, i wish i had of gotten a shade lighter(i'm not even sure if this is my shade at the moment anyway, but it feels too dark) because the coverage is buildable so if i'd have gotten a lighter shade i feel like i'd feel alot more confertable when wearing it.

When i first appply onto my face-before bledning- it appears really dark, maybe even orange but as soon as i blend in, that colour goes away and blends in incredibly well with your skin.

I would say to buy this if you want a foundation that has an Anti-Fatigue effect and gives you a radiant glow. I felt as though it does accomplish both things well, especially when applying under your eyes, it covers dark circles-although i still put on concealer too- but i would recommend this foundation.

You don't need alot of the product to cover your face, i only use a pump, maybe slightly less than a full pump and then apply all over my face.

Good for the price however, i definitly do want to try the Bourjouis Healthy Mix Serum because i feel like my sensitive skin will just agree with it alot more.


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