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Monday, 28 October 2013

Year 11 (so far)

Okay, so as you probably don't know i'm currently in year 11 at school (secondary school). I'm not sure what grade that would be in America but i'm 15 years old(almost 16)if that helps you in anyway to change it into your schooling grades.

From about half way through year 9 (so when i was about 13/14), we chose our GCSE subjects and when we came back after summer, we started doing our GCSE classes (I think my school started us on our GCSE's quite early compared to other schools) and it was fine for a few months but then everything got so much harder and alot more stressful.

Year 10 (when i was 14/15 years old) it really was difficult, i was doing Triple Science, and although i loved it, i wouldnt always pay attention so i found it increasingly difficult to understand things and kept coming out with E's, F's and a few times a U, which is so bad. I still continued to do what i was doing although sometimes i would decide to revise and/or talk to the teachers about extra tuition after school, which they aggreed too but i'd make up excuses and just not go.

In the summer of year 10(the summer just gone) i decided to really buckle down and revise for a chemistry exam i'd be doing when i got back, i revised pretty much everyday for weeks and made a folder full of all my revision.

I came back to school in year 11 to find i had been moved from triple science to double science because of how badly i had been doing. I was devistated, although i messed around and never really understood everything, i loved science none the less and being moved down really did lower my confidence and have now come to the decision that i can't do science as a career now when i'm older.

I wanted to be a forensic scientist, my aunty does this for the FBI in america or some kind of association that works with the FBI and i've always wanted to follow in her footsteps because science facinates me. I hate the fact i won't be able to do a job involving science now because i really had my heart set on it and it's the only thing that really interests me in life.

For years, i wanted to study Physcology at college (which i'm still hoping to do) but isn't looking too good at the moment because if i don't get a C grade in science (minimum but B grade is alot more desired) then i won't be able too, which then rules out another future career for me because Physcology is another subject that interests me greatly.

This was a big rant for me, so i'm sorry for going off the whole beauty side of things but i just kind of wanted to use my story as a kind of way to show people how difficult it is. You DO need to try hard by revising or paying attention in class because if you don't then it's going to just cause so much more stress for you.

Sorry for going on a bit of a rant and just telling you my life story, it won't happen again unless you guys feel like it'd benefit you all or if you guys would like a few things like this every now and again.

What subjects are you or did you do for GCSE and did you enjoy it? Do you wish you'd have chosen different things?



  1. Hi Courtney...nice to meet you. I'm flattered that you would ask for my opinion (I'm old -- no one listens to me anymore! lol .. actually, not true. Except for the "old" part. I'm 55! I have two beautiful daughters, both in college. They're 21 and 19. They're my best friends. Sucks that they're both away at school right now, but when they're home, we spend a great deal of time together, mostly shopping, laughing and just enjoying each other.

    I started my blog just about a year ago. It's become less of a blog and more of a sale site. Besides loving to shop, we love great deals. So now I'm sharing them. You're off to a fine start. The best advice I can give you is to be consistent. The moment my posts slow down, my visitors tend ot disappear as well. Try to make a schedule, and force yourself to stick to it... Once a week. Twice a week. Twice a day! It doesn't matter. But once your readers know WHEN you're going to post, they're giong to come back if they like what they see!

    Since mine are individual site sales, I scatter them over the course of the day. It seems to be helping. I'm still trying to figure out how to actually get them to visit the site directly, but most seem to prefer the feeds.

    I hope this helps. Keep up the great work!
    Debbie (the old lady in NY!)


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