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Friday, 1 November 2013

My Everyday Make-Up Routine (Detailed Post)

I think this is going to be quite a long post so i apoligise in advance if you find long posts boring but i'm excited to be posting this one so yay!

Face (Before application of make-up):
-First of all, I'll use the Loreal Skin Perfection Water to just remove any make up that didn't come up the night before, i like to use this as a cleanser too before applying make up. I love this stuff because it just makes my skin feel so much better and is amazing at removing make up.
 Next, i use a cream for my face that isn't a beauty product but something you get from the chemist. It's called Bach Rescue cream and is a natural remedy. I swear by this stuff, it's honestly amazing. It's for people with really sensitive skin and just fixes any rashes or skin problems you may have. I use this even when i have nothing wrong with my skin because it just prevents any reactions from taking place with the make up.
I'll the moisturise with Simple Moisturiser, i used to be allergic to this but now my skin can tollerate it so have just recently started to include it into my daily make up.
Finally , i'll apply some of Benefits pore proffesionals cream thing on to some areas of my face just to kind of start everything off (I don't usually use this all the time but i included it in this anyway) I just use it on my nose and chin.

Face (Foundation):

I use Rimmel Wake me up foundation, i use a pump mixed with a similar amount of simple moisturiser, just to lighten the foundation, cover my whole face with the amount i have and to add just an extra bit of moisture to my face. I blend those two together using the pointed foundation brush by real techniques and then aply onto my face using the same brush. It would take too long to then blend it in using that brush so i use the buffing brush by real techniques to buff in. I love the buffing brush becaue it gives such an amazing finish.

Face (Concealer):
I then apply some Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer in the shade fair to my face. I put it under my eyes, around my nose, on my chin and any other blemishes or spots i may have. (If i have any major spots then i'll use a heavier concealer to cover those.)  I blend in using the contour brush by real techniques because it's the perfect shape to blend under your eyes with and is small enough to get everywhere in detailed like the sides of your nose.

            Face (Blush and Powder):

Next i apply Sleek Rose Gold blush to my cheeks using the contour brush and then apply the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the shade silky beige to some areas on my face with the buffing brush.

Preperation for eyes and mouth:

I then curly my eye lashes using the No 7 eye lash curlers and then moisturise my lips using the Nivea Essential Care lip balm.

Eyes (Mascara):
Firstly, i use a mascara i got ages ago that used to rotate to seperate my lashes ( i use this between eaach mascara too so my eye lashes don't become clumpy and horrible). I the use Benefits Bad Gal Lash Mascara after that, this makes my eye lashes really volumised and black. I then use Maybelline New York Waterproof Illegal Length Mascara, this adds just a bit of volume and length. Next i use Bad Gal Waterproof Mascara by Benefit in brown, this adds more volume to my lashes and also spreads the mascara out onto every single lash to ensure they aren't clumpy but also not looking like spiders legs. Finally, to add length i'll use Benefits They're Real Mascara.

Eyes (Eyeshadow):

I then use a Marks and Spencers Duo Eyeshadow (called Gleam) but i use the lightest shade (a pinky white) to cover my lid.
I use a Ruby and Millie Eye Brush for this.


I use a Topshop Lipstick on a day to day basis but will change it up depending on where i am going and what i'm wearing. It's in the shade Whimsical which is a really nice pale, peachy pinky colour. I used to dislike this lipstick because it made my lips appear chappd, even thought they weren't but if you apply lip balm before using it, it solves this problem.

Final stage (Eyebrows):

Finally, i use an MUA Clear Mascara to keep my eyebrows in shape and prevent them from moving around throughout the day.

So, that's my daily routine, sorry it's such a long post but hopefully it's inspired you guys to change your daily make up routine up a bit or has given you something to buy when you're next out shopping for somemake up.

What's your favourite step when doing your make up? What's your favourite product you use daily and why?


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