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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

High End Product Review: Naked Basics Palette and Mac 263 Brush

Well hello there everyone! It's been so long since I've posted but instead of boring you with all the busy things I've been doing I decided to just do a few product reviews just to apologise and get back into the swing of things.

 If you are unaware as to what this is then where have you been hiding? This is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. Probably one of the most talked about palettes besides the 3 Naked Palettes themselves.

This little beauty is just a neutral shaded eye shadow palette which is also (basically) a compact version of the Naked palettes which have been something i've wanted to get my hands on for a long time.

Everyone talks about the Naked Palettes and if you haven't heard of them before then you need to go and check them out becuase they are beautiful despite the rather large pricetag attached to them*. (Naked Palettes all around £37)

Although pricy, you are definitly paying for a high quality product which will last you a long time so i was so grateful when opening this from my friends for my birthday.

-Excuse the huge white gap below the product by the way, I just can't really be bothered to crop it so yeaaaaaah-
As you can see you get 6 very neutral shades, 1 of those shades being shimmery and the remaining 5 being matte.

From left to right you have a shimmery white colour (Venus), a slightly darker cream/white shade (Foxy), a pinkish pale shade (W.O.S which i believe stands for Walk Of Shame), a  light brown shade (Naked 2), a dark brown shade (Faint) and a dark black shade (Crave).

Now some of you may be thinking 'oh how boring, definitly not worth the hefty pricetag' and i suppose for some people, that may be completly the case and in which case this isn't for you but for someone who loves neautral eye shadow which is farely basic but a buildable wow factor then this would be perfect. I use Venus and Crave the most for different reasons: The shimmery cream shade is perfect for day to day use especially because i go to school everyday and involves minimal effort when applying (no need to blend in other colours etc) and i use Crave to thicken my top lid (where some people would do eyeliner but it just doesn't suit me at all where as a thin strip accross the top does seem to suit me much more)

There are also buildable looks you can achieve by applying the light colours as a base and for your inner corner and the darker shades to shadow it and for the outter eye area. (Kind of hard to explain because I never use it like this but have tried and I'm sure you all know what i mean)

When using the shade Crave (The black shade) i apply using my Mac 263 Brush which is an angled brush (not too sure how else to explain it but it's pretty obvious what it looks like in the picture.) I really do love this brush for lining my upper lid with this shade. It seems to fit perfectly on my eye which sounds so silly but it really does, it creates a line which isn't too big or too small and is just perfect for what i use it for. I'm pretty sure you are meant to use this brush for filling in your eyebrows but i don't think anyone has ever said a brush  has one purpose and one purpose only.

Overall I give both products a 10 out of 10 because they do everything i want and need them to do. I'm so pleased that both of these products have made it into my everyday make up routine and i would definitly recommend buying them!

Naked Basics Palette: £20       Mac 263 Brush: £16.50

* but it works out around £3 per eyeshadow because you get 12 in them so compared to a mac eyeshaodw which is £10 for a single one it's a good price


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