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Saturday, 31 May 2014

My Mac Collection | Part One, Lipsticks, Eyeliner and Mascaras

*Just a quick disclaimer: I'm not bragging in any way and it's by no means a large collection in comparisson to some peoples , I've been fortunate enough to recieve most of these pieces as gifts and I'm incredibly grateful for that*

I'm quite excited to do a post like this because when i had first started my blog, i really never pictured myself writing a post on high end products but here i am sat here writing one for you all (and more to come in the future so stay tuned guys)

 So this is my collection:
*top left to right* Mac Lipstick Shy Girl cremesheen, Stroke of Midnight Palette, Vegas Volt amplified,

*top to bottom* Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash, Zoom Fast Black Lash, Black Ice Pro Longwear Eye Liner, 252 Brush and 263 Brush.

My first product was a mac lipstick that i recieved from my friends. I have no idea why but there was just something scary about buying one with my own money so time after time decided against buying one. My prom is coming up so i decided to bite the bullett and now i have two lipsticks in my collection:

 *swatches at the end of this post*

Shy Girl is a cremesheen and although a lovely nude pink colour, i feel like it's just a bit too creamy for me and I don't know if it effects the colour or not but the colour i feel is just a shade too light for my skin tone and makes me feel like i have foundation lips.

I do however love it when i combine it with other lipsticks and really is a lovely colour when paired with the right outfit and neautral make up look.

Vegas Volt is an amplified one which i'm in love with. Not only is the colour a beautiful bright coral/hot pink but it's 'amplified' texture or finish is just my favourite. It's slightly matte but incredibly moisturising. I always thought i'd be a nude lip girl but i'm completly converted (although i do still love my nudes)

I absolutly love mascara but find it difficult to find a mascara that does everything to my eye lashes that i want to happen with them. Although i do still use other mascaras with these, i do feel like i'd be able to get away with just using one or both together and not using any others.

Quality: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing
Finish: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing
Application: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing

I've found that Mac Mascaras are quite wet and that is frustrating slightly as i have to wipe some excess off on the side of the pot bit before i use it but only ever so slightly and the finish the mascaras give are amazing.

I'm in love with these mascaras and as you can see in the picture, they both have different sized brushes and bristles so both achieve different looks.

Quality: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing
Finish: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing
Application: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing
Overall: 9

I don't use pencil eyeliner much so it's probably hard for me to give a fair judgement on this product but i do really like it.

I line my uppper waterline (like on the eye lid) with my mac 263 brush and a black eyeshadow from my naked basics palette and use this eyeliner to darken or thicken the line slightly.

It does a perfect job of doing those things and i can't fault it.

If you don't use eyeliner much tho i don't think i'd suggest investing in this but then again maybe it's more worth it because it will last longer.

I'm sure you could find an eyeliner that achieves these same things and for cheaper but i do really like this eyeliner compared to others and is easier to use-i find- than drugstore eyeliners.

Quality: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing
Finish: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing
Application: Terrible/Bad/Average/Good/Amazing
Overall: 8 (only because I don't use it alot)

I will be doing a part two of my mac collection that will be about the Stroke Of Midnight Palette and my brushes because otherwise this post will get too long and boring(which it probably is already)



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