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Friday, 1 August 2014

My Mac Collection | Part Two: Palette, Brushes, Powder and Blush

I have been meaning to do a part two of my mac collection for a while now and since i have aquired a few more pieces from Mac so what better time than to fill you all in than now?

So the products that were origionally meant to be in my Part Two collection are my Stroke of Midnight Palette, 252 Brush and a 263 Brush:


The palette contains 5 beautiful shades: a creamy shade, a bronzey colour, a brown, a yellow/gold and a black. It also came with a cute little brush.

I use my 252 brush for highlight on my brown bone and blending out any other highlight on my cheeks and my cupids bow. My 263 brush is used to line my uppper lash line with a black eyeshadow.

Now for the new additions to the family, I welcome my 150 Brush, 129 Brush, a Blush and  a Powder.

 I use my 150 brush (Left) to blend all my make up together nicely with my Studio Fix Powder in the shade NC25.

 I then use my 129 brush to apply Blush, the one i have been using alot is my new one from Mac, Coppertone which is a matte blush:

Let me know your favourite item from your highend collection or just a staple piece in your whole collection.

(Sorry for the funny picture positioning, i spent ages trying to get it to look right but i just couldn't)


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