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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Holiday Outfits | Madeira 2014


 It's time to talk outfits. As It's nearing the end of summer I thought It would be nice to have a look back on some outfits I've loved wearing throughout the past month, particularly some I wore throughout one of my holidays with my friends to Madeira.

So first off was a day time outfit that I love wearing, it's comfy and it's easy to wear and pair with any type of shoe:
This is the only picture i had of this outfit sorry guys but i've paired a pink lace dress from H&M with a patterned kimono from New Look. It's such a lovely outfit to wear when it's warm because it's all so loose. I would even wear this to somewhere like the cinema because it's so comfertable. I just wore  plain nude strappy sandels with this outfit to keep it casual and suitable for walking around the town.

My first evening outfit was something my friends help me put together (with use of my friends skirt):

Here i'm wearing a black off the shoulder crop top from Asos and a black and white gingham printed pencil skirt which is also from Asos.

I wore plain black heels that i managed to get my hands on in a small shop in Madeira. Tip: Bring your own black heels because finding some was a mission which took almost 2 hours and boy were they uncomfertable.

and finally another evening outfit-which was probably my favourite so far-

I'm wearing a white lace bralet from Topshop along with a long grey flowy skirt with a slit up the side from Zara.

I picked up the skirt in Madeira so i'm not too sure if it's available in England but i'm so happy i did decide to buy it. It's gotten many wears since then and is easily the most comfertable evening outfit ever.

I have all the clothing items tagged however some i couldn't find. So i have found a few items similar to those i couldn't find here:

White Bralet Topshop   (Really upset i couldn't find this as in the picture you can't see the detail of the crop top but i know this would go so well with the skirt)
Black and White skirt Asos

What has your favourite outfit been to wear this summer?

Stepping out of my comfort zone in terms of skirts was definitly a running theme on this holiday and I'm so happy i ventured out of that comfort zone having worn two different styles of skirts i wouldn't usually wear (A long skirt and a gingham print skirt.)


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