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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mid Week Favourite: Lush Massage Bar


Being someone who has incredibly sensitive skin, i've never been able to use anything from Lush and nor have i ever brought myself something from there. I've always been envious whilst watching peoples Lush Halls so recently had a look on the website to see if there was anything I could use.
 I was so happy to find that i could potentially use the massage bars(although i didn't buy it my friends brought it for me for my birthday) as not only will it smell amazing and make my skin smooth after showering but i have been meaning to buy an after bath moisturiser.

This Therapy Massage Bar by Lush is an 100% organic massage bar to soften the skin and soothe the mind. Filled with only 10 ingrediants including Orange Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Lavender Oil smells absolutly divine. It melts like an oil once rubbed on your dry skin once you've stepped out of the shower. It's massages really well too so you aren't left feeling oily and sticky.

It's all natural ingrediants that haven't been tested on animals either so not only are these products helping the world by not testing their products on animals but it's also helping you to relax after a hot bath/shower.

I'd definitly suggest buying this if you haven't tried it already!
What's your favourite Lush Products?
Courtney xx


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