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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Product Review Sunday | Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Topshop Highlighter

I figured that i needed a bit of structure on this blog so here we have Product Review Sunday -I couldn't think of a catchy name so it'll have to do for now-
If you don't know already i love buying new things (as much as the next girl) but i realised i needed a new foundation and highlighter to add to my collection:

I'm definitly a rimmel foundation girl at heart but decided it was time to venture out and try something new. I had my eye on a revlon foundation for a while and decide to go for this Nearly Naked foundation in the shade 110 Ivory. I ordered it online so couldn't test the colour out before hand so i came across this funky site (seriously have a look guys it's fab)

I like the foundation, it is definitly low coverage but i never like feeling as though i have foundation on. What coverage it does give though is buildable and stays put all day. However i find it hard to blend so need to find a new way of doing so. Other than that i love it.


Now i know this next product will definitly be making it's way back into my make up bag once it has run out and i've only used it once! The Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish is amazing. It is a creamy mouse consistancy (I thought it would be more of a hard product but omg it's like a fluffy cloud) It blends like a dream and the pinky shimmer is just perfect when it catches the light.

I'm going to be recieving a new online make up order this week so i'm sure there will be a cheeky blog post in the next few days. Keep your eyes pealed.

What's been your most used product this month?


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